Percy Jackson Fic
All I remeber about the Fic is that it has original characters. I believe a daughter of Hades and a son of Zeus. They fall in love and she has a younger brother who they take care of. There is also a son of Poseidon.

Another Percy Jackson Request
Hey Iam looking for any fic which has all the children of the big three, i.e. nico percy and Jason together being best friends or even brothers.

Percy Jackson crossover story
I am looking for a story and this is short summary; where Percy beat bite by a vampire girl because she want to mate him.

When Percy wake up he call her crazy and tell her he have Annabeth. I think it was Percy Jackson and Twilight crossover and the character that I not sure of is Victoria.

The story is not complete and at the end we find out that she was dead and resurrected by Queen Hera (she is a Queen of Vampire and if she dies every vampire dies).

And Hera is mad at Victoria because they mad promise not to turn anyone into vampire

Also Big Three are hunting down Hera and Hera gives her Vampire status to Victoria to trick Big Three.

Edit: I think story was in

Searchin for Lord of the Rings/ Legolas/OC fanfics of the m/m genre
I´m searching for Legolas/OC fanfics of the m/m genre (male/male relationship) that are in character. It would be great if Legolas´s father would also be involved in those stories and the storylines would be as canon as possible. But I´d honestly just be happy to get to read a few nice Legolas/OC fanfics. So far I have only managed to find 1 of those on (for those who´d like to read it, ), sadly unfinished and on hiatus for quite a while. My attempts on other popular fanfic sites like archive of our own or adultfanfiction, and even a few lotr sites like library of moria brought no results at all. Using google and other search engines to find Legolas/OC fics hasn´t worked ether. There are hundreds of Legolas/OC fics of the heterosexual nature and an alarming amount of Mary Sues, but nothing more.
If anybody could point me a few nice stories I´d be grateful.

Percy Jackson Fanfic I'm Trying To Find
Hey, if I can be helped, that would be great. There's a Nico x Percy fic that I'm trying to find.

Here's what I remember. It's set in a time period where there's kingdoms and Percy is pretending to be Princess Annabeth while she is away. He doesn't know where she is or how long she'll be away. She comes back towards the end of the fic. Nico is a knight in the fic that falls in love with Percy. Percy, while in his Annabeth disguise is poisoned by the visiting kingdom and lives just by the skin of his teeth.

If anyone can help, that would be awesome.

Esperanto fic
Sorry, this is extremely general but it has to be done! So there's this Wiki page here with a list of all the fic in Esperanto that I've ever found:

The problem is, I KNOW that there must be more. Yesterday I found "Senestonteco" by Youma Doom for the first time, which is for Sailor Moon.... and was hosted on their now-dead website which needed to be accessed using the Wayback Machine (I later put it up on AO3 and orphaned it). I was curious if anyone else had mentioned it, so I Googled for the name/title and everything, and their site didn't even show up in my search results. Now I'm figuring that there must be a lot more out and about, but just on random personal websites that I can't find!

So if you know of any or create any, or happen to come across one and run it through Google Translate and it says it's in Esperanto, PLEASE tell me!! That or add a link to it to the Wiki page.

Searching for MCU Fic on AO3
women avengers, maria hill
I read a Marvel Cinematic Universe fic on Archive of Our Own from Coulson's point of view that described Maria Hill as Coulson's Italian grandmother from Long Island and was about the great hunt for Hawkeye before they recruited him, then stuff afterward.

I haven't had any luck finding it and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Specific LOTR fic Legolas Centric
I'm looking for a fiction that I read a long time ago so excuse my bad details:
Here's what I remember
1) it was legolas centric and post return of king.
2) mirkwood is under attacked and legolas goes to gondor to ask Aragon for help.
3) Aragon has to consult some people who refuses (I think a sort of council)
4) I think Gandulf refuses as well (its too dangerous, mirkwood is already lost something like that)
5) Aragon does come to help but it's too late (Mirkwood is more or less destroyed and the elves --legolas' father is with them, has escaped to a hidden place)
6) meanwhile legolas is captured and tortured.
7) it's a series (a long one with two or three parts)
8) the fellowship rescue legolas in part two but (i think) he's disabled in a certain way (I have a recollection of him having white eyes or something but I maybe wrong about this)
9) legolas family have a big role (especially a brother who encourage him to forgive his friends delay in answering his plea)
10) I think he has a brother who dies when legolas is captured.
11) I think Gimili was also there.

It wasn't slash. (in fact I recall there being a female elf which was OC and legolas' love interest)

I'll add things if I remembered.
Excuse my spelling I'm posting with my cell and it's driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance

Percy/Olympians Relationship
I know there are probably lots out there that I haven't been able to find so I'm asking for help in finding a 'Percy is the consort of the God' fic.

Searching for not!fic
Writing // cat pusheen laptop
Hi! I'm looking for any and all not!fic out there! Please help! Thank you!


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